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  • Compatible with Windows 10 64 bit and 32 bit
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Armadillo latest version overview

Armadillo is a high quality linear algebra library (matrix maths) for the C++ language, aiming towards a good balance between speed and ease of use. Fast C++ matrix library with easy to use functions and syntax, deliberately similar to Matlab. Uses template meta-programming techniques. Also provides efficient wrappers for LAPACK, BLAS and ATLAS libraries, including high-performance versions such as Intel MKL, AMD ACML and OpenBLAS.

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Useful for machine learning, pattern recognition, signal processing, bioinformatics, statistics, finance, etc.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Many MATLAB like functions
  • Efficient classes for vectors, matrices, cubes (3rd order tensors) and fields
  • Fast singular value decomposition (SVD), eigen decomposition, QR, LU, Cholesky, FFT
  • Statistical modelling using Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM)
  • Clustering using K-means and Expectation Maximisation
  • Automatic vectorisation of expressions (SIMD)
  • Contiguous and non-contiguous submatrices
  • Automatically combines several operations into one
  • Useful for prototyping directly in C++
  • Useful for conversion of research code into production environments

Armadillo Alternatives

Regarding Armadillo alternatives, you can check Cacher, JustDecompile, Toad for SQL Server, ASP.NET Report Maker, and other Developer Tools software.

Armadillo is listed in GramFile catalogue under Developer Tools category. It was firstly available for download on Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 with code ID: 18470, and you can find the latest version of the setup installer in the download page.


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  • Category: Developer Tools
  • Version: Latest
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  • Size: 5 Mb
  • OS: Windows 10 (32, 64 Bit)
  • License: Freeware


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