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Itasca PFC latest version overview

PFC (Particle Flow Code) is a general purpose, distinct-element modeling (DEM) framework that is available as two- and three-dimensional programs (PFC2D and PFC3D, respectively). PFC Suite includes both PFC2D and PFC3D. PFC2D can also be purchased separately.

PFC models synthetic materials composed of an assembly of variably-sized rigid particles that interact at contacts to represent both granular and solid materials. PFC models simulate the independent movement (translation and rotation) and interaction of many rigid particles that may interact at contacts based on an internal force and moment.

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Particle shapes can include disks in 2D, or spheres in 3D, rigidly connected “clumps” of disks in 2D, or spheres in 3D, and convex polygons in 2D or polyhedra in 3D. Contact mechanics obey particle-interaction laws that update internal forces and moments. PFC includes twelve built-in contact models with the facility to add custom C++ User-Defined Contact Models (UDMs).

Key Features

  • Powerful calculation engine for accurate and flexible simulation
  • Powerful scripting languages (FISH and Python) are built-in, providing model customization, monitoring, automation, and parametrization as well as access to advanced Python libraries (updated to Python 3) for graphics, mathematics, and graphical user interface manipulation
  • Advanced and customizable graphical user interface.
  • Twelve built-in contact models for both granular assemblies and intact and jointed materials
  • C++ Plug-in for custom FISH intrinsic functions and new contact models
  • Thermal solution analysis
  • Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) commands and functions to connect PFC to third-party CFD software.
  • Automatically creates clumped particle templates from DXF or STL surface files
  • No annual maintenance fees or CPU limits
  • Material-Modeling Support environment for calibrating and testing (compression, diametral-compression, and direct-tension tests) models (linear, bonded, flat-jointed, and smooth-jointed)
  • Pavement-Design Package environment for modeling unsaturated granular materials containing geogrids
  • Integrated online documentation and supplied example projects
  • Proven with over 24 years of use across a wide variety of applications by Itasca consultants, industry, universities, and government agencies worldwide


Itasca PFC for Windows 10 is developed and updated by Itasca. All registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos are the property of their respective owners.


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