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Download OBS Studio 64 bit for Windows 11, 10 PC. Free software to turn your PC into a live streaming or recording studio.

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Ever dreamt of turning your humble bedroom into a broadcasting powerhouse? Imagine – the thrill of live streams electrifying your audience, the satisfaction of recording polished tutorials, all from the comfort of your Windows PC.

Well, step into the realm of OBS Studio, a free and open-source software that shatters the barriers to entry in the world of content creation. Forget expensive equipment or complex interfaces.

But is OBS Studio simply a free alternative, or does it offer the muscle to compete with paid options? Let’s embark on a deep dive and explore what OBS Studio brings to the table.

OBS Studio: The Free Streaming and Recording Powerhouse

What is OBS Studio?

At its core, OBS Studio is a powerful and versatile software for capturing, recording, and live streaming content on Windows systems. It goes beyond simply mirroring your screen, offering a robust suite of tools for creating polished and engaging presentations.

Imagine seamlessly switching between gameplay footage, webcam feeds, and graphics overlays – all within a user-configurable interface.

OBS Studio for Windows PC

Is OBS Studio Free?

One of the most attractive aspects of OBS Studio is its free and open-source nature. Unlike many professional streaming and recording software options that carry hefty price tags, OBS Studio is entirely free to download and use. This makes it an ideal platform for beginners and budget-conscious creators to experiment and hone their skills.

The open-source model also fosters a vibrant community that contributes plugins, themes, and tutorials, further extending the software’s capabilities.

What is OBS Studio Used For?

The applications of OBS Studio are vast and cater to a diverse range of users. Here are some of the most common use cases:

  • Live Streaming: Streamers on platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Gaming leverage OBS Studio to broadcast their gameplay, creative processes, or live events to a global audience.
  • Recording Gameplay and Tutorials: Gamers can capture their in-game exploits, while content creators can record detailed tutorials with screen recordings, webcam feeds, and voiceovers.
  • Video Presentations and Webinars: Businesses and educators can utilize OBS Studio to create polished video presentations with slides, presenter overlays, and live audience interaction.

Key Features

  • Feature-Packed: Capture your screen, webcam, games, and more with ease.
  • Scene Creation: Design custom layouts with various sources for ultimate control.
  • Seamless Switching: Transition smoothly between scenes with professional-looking effects.
  • Audio Mixing: Fine-tune your sound with a powerful mixer and per-source filters.
  • Customization: Endless possibilities with plugins and a user-friendly interface.
  • Free and Open Source: Get started for free, with a supportive community behind you.
  • Windows Compatibility: Runs smoothly on Windows 10 and 11.

Beyond the Basics

While offering a user-friendly interface, OBS Studio boasts impressive depth for experienced users. Advanced features include Virtual Camera support for seamless integration with video conferencing platforms, NDI compatibility for multi-PC setups, and custom scripting capabilities for automation.

Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Endlessly customizable
  • Pro-grade features
  • Multi-source capture.


  • Steeper learning curve
  • Initial setup can be daunting
  • Resource-intensive.

More Details

App Name OBS Studio
Operating System Windows 11 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
Category Video Recording and Live Streaming
Total Downloads 20
License Free
Version Latest Version
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Updated on April 22, 2024
Publisher OBS Project
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What is OBS Studio?

A free and open-source program for recording and live streaming your screen, webcam, and more on Windows PC.

Is OBS Studio free?

Absolutely! It's completely free to download and use, with no hidden costs.

What are the benefits of OBS Studio?

Offers powerful features like scene creation, switching, audio mixing, and customization for professional-looking streams.

What are system requirements for OBS Studio?

A decent processor and graphics card are recommended for smooth recording/streaming.

Where can I download OBS Studio?

Get it from the official website: Download OBS Studio: https://obsproject.com/download.

Can OBS Studio record gameplay?

Yes, it excels at capturing your screen and game audio for gameplay recordings.

The Verdict: Powerhouse for Budget-Conscious Creators

Despite its free nature, OBS Studio is a force to be reckoned with. Its comprehensive feature set rivals paid software, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced users alike on Windows PC. The learning curve can be steeper compared to simpler options, but the extensive community resources and free plugins make it a rewarding journey.

If you’re looking for a powerful and free platform to unleash your creativity in the world of streaming and recording, then OBS Studio is your gateway.

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