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PuTTY Download for Windows 11 PC

Download PuTTY 64 bit for Windows 11, 10 PC. A free Windows tool (SSH Client) that opens a secure digital doorway to other linux computers.

Install for PC and Laptop

Nicknamed for its resemblance to a “putty knife” used for scraping away clutter, PuTTY is a free and open-source workhorse for Windows users.

Unlike flashy office suites, it tackles remote access. Developed by Simon Tatham since 1999, it’s a veteran in the world of terminal emulators.

PuTTY functions as a digital doorway, allowing you to connect to remote servers and network devices using protocols like SSH and Telnet. Once connected, you can interact with the command line interface of those machines, transfer files, and even manage configurations.

While not as user-friendly as a graphical interface, PuTTY empowers tech users and administrators with a lightweight and powerful tool for delving into the digital underbelly of remote systems.

PuTTY: In-depth Review

PuTTY SSH Client for Windows PC

PuTTY is your free Swiss Army knife for talking to remote computers on Windows. Need to securely log in to a server, transfer files, or troubleshoot from afar?

PuTTY can handle it, using different languages like SSH to speak to those machines. It’s a favorite tool for system administrators and anyone who wants to remotely reach into the digital world.

Unpacking the Power of PuTTY

At its core, PuTTY is a client application for various network protocols, most notably SSH (Secure Shell). SSH provides a secure channel for communication between a local Windows machine and a remote server, allowing users to execute commands, transfer files, and manage systems remotely.

Beyond SSH, PuTTY also supports Telnet, rlogin, and serial connections, offering flexibility for diverse connectivity needs.

Unveiling the Power

  • Securely connect to remote servers with SSH encryption.
  • Transfer files and manage systems from afar.
  • Supports legacy protocols (Telnet, rlogin) for wider compatibility.

Customization for Efficiency

  • Tailor your workspace with font and color adjustments.
  • Automate tasks with user-defined macros.
  • Portable and lightweight, use it anywhere on Windows.

Advanced Features for Power Users

  • Log sessions for detailed record-keeping.
  • Tunnel data securely over unencrypted connections.
  • Access remote graphical applications with X11 forwarding.

Beyond the Basics: Unveiling PuTTY’s Advantages

The true value of PuTTY lies beyond its technical capabilities. Its open-source nature fosters a vibrant community that contributes to ongoing development and ensures a wealth of online resources for troubleshooting and learning.

Regular updates address security vulnerabilities, keeping users protected in the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Is PuTTY Right for You?

While PuTTY offers immense power, its command-line interface might seem daunting to new users.

However, its intuitive design and readily available documentation make it approachable for those willing to invest some time in learning.

For system administrators, developers, and anyone who needs secure remote access on Windows, PuTTY remains a timeless and invaluable tool.

How to Download and Install?

PuTTY reigns supreme as the go-to tool for secure remote access on Windows. Here’s a comprehensive guide to unlock its potential:


  • Head to the the above download button and navigate to PuTTY download page.
  • Choose the installer that aligns with your system architecture: 32-bit (.exe) for older machines or 64-bit (.msi) for most modern Windows PCs.
  • ARM64 users can also find an official ARM version.


Step 1: Start installation by double click on the setup installer, then click NEXT.

PuTTY Install Step 1

Step 2: Click Install

PuTTY Install Step 2

Step 3: Click Finish to start PuTTY.

PuTTY Install Step 3

Portable Power

For ultimate flexibility, download the portable version from trusted third-party sources like PortableApps.com. This eliminates installation needs, allowing you to run PuTTY from any USB drive.

Compatibility and Licensing

  • PuTTY seamlessly integrates with Windows 7 and all subsequent versions.
  • As a free and open-source software under the MIT license, PuTTY is completely free to use and modify according to your needs.

System Requirements

PuTTY’s beauty lies in its lightweight nature. It runs smoothly on any Windows machine with minimal hardware requirements, making it ideal for even older systems.

Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Secure
  • Portable
  • Tweak interface
  • Automate tasks
  • Advanced features for power users


  • Command-line
  • Limited graphics
  • DIY support

More Details

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Updated onJuly 3, 2024
PublisherSimon Tatham
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Where do I download PuTTY for Windows?

You can download it from our download page after clicking the above download button, or you can head directly to the official website: https://www.putty.org/.

32-bit vs. 64-bit: Which version do I need?

For most modern Windows machines, download the 64-bit installer (.msi). If you're unsure, the 32-bit version (.exe) will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Is there a portable version of PuTTY?

Yes! Trusted third-party sources like PortableApps.com offer portable versions that run directly from a USB drive without installation. Also, you can find an official portable version listed on the official download page.

How do I install PuTTY?

Download the installer, double-click it, and follow the on-screen instructions. You can choose to install PuTTY in a specific location or leave it in the default directory.

Is PuTTY free?

Absolutely! PuTTY is a free and open-source software under the MIT license.

Are there alternatives to PuTTY?

Several graphical tools offer a more user-friendly experience for remote access on Windows, such as SecureCRT or MobaXterm.

Final Thoughts

PuTTY isn’t for everyone. While it’s a free, secure, and incredibly versatile tool for remote access on Windows, its command-line interface presents a learning curve.

If you’re comfortable with text-based interaction and value customization, PuTTY empowers you with advanced features and ultimate control.

However, for those seeking a more user-friendly experience, alternative graphical tools might be a better fit. Ultimately, PuTTY is a powerful ally for the tech-savvy, but its complexity can be a barrier for some.

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