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Download Facebook 64 bit for Windows 11, 10 PC. Your social media on the desktop, minus the browser tab.

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Ah, Facebook for PC. Remember the days when checking Facebook meant a dedicated program instead of another browser tab competing for your attention? This software rekindles that experience, bringing the familiar blue glow directly to your desktop. But is it a nostalgic return or a relic of a bygone era? Buckle up, as we dive into the social network’s dedicated app, exploring its strengths, weaknesses, and whether it deserves a permanent spot on your taskbar.

Facebook for PC: In-depth Review

For many, Facebook has become synonymous with endless browser tabs. But what if you crave a dedicated space for your social fix? Facebook for Windows PC offers a familiar interface, minus the distractions of your web browser.

The Familiar Face of Facebook

Launching the app feels like putting on a comfortable sweater. The classic layout – newsfeed, friend list, notifications – is all present, fostering a sense of ease for longtime users.

Streamlined Experience

Free from the clutter of browser tabs and extensions, Facebook for Windows offers a focused experience. Notifications pop up directly on your desktop, and quick access to features like messaging and groups keeps you connected.

Limited Functionality

While core features are intact, some functionalities are noticeably absent. You won’t find Facebook Marketplace or Watch Party here, requiring you to switch back to the browser version for those functionalities.

Battery and Resource Usage

Compared to a browser, the app can be more battery-friendly on laptops. However, it might consume more system resources than simply running Facebook in a lightweight browser window.

Other Key Features

While the previous core features are the focus of the review, here are some additional features to consider for Facebook for Windows PC:

Notifications: Pop-up directly on your desktop for immediate updates.
Offline Mode: Limited functionality (checking saved content) but allows some browsing even without internet connection.
Customization: Control privacy settings, personalize newsfeed, and manage notifications within the app.
Facebook Messenger Integration: Seamlessly switch between Facebook chat and dedicated Messenger app.

Simplified Setup & The Offline Installation

Unlike traditional software downloads, Facebook for Windows PC ditches the standalone installer. Head straight to the Microsoft Store, click “Get,” and Facebook seamlessly integrates into your system.

Offline Installation? Not Quite

Power users seeking an offline installer might be disappointed. Facebook relies on the Microsoft Store for distribution, requiring an internet connection for initial setup. However, once installed, limited offline functionality lets you review saved content.

Architechtural Awareness

Gone are the days of compatibility woes. Facebook offers dedicated versions for both 64-bit and ARM64 systems, ensuring optimal performance for your specific hardware.

Pros & Cons


  • Classic Facebook on desktop.
  • Focused, distraction-free.
  • Fast access on desktop.
  • Saves battery life.


  • Lacks some features (browser needed).
  • Might use more resources.
  • No offline installer.
  • Limited browser features.
  • Niche appeal – for desktop lovers.

More Details

App NameFacebook
Operating System Windows 11 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
CategorySocial Networks
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Updated onMay 5, 2024
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How do I download and install Facebook for Windows PC?

Unlike traditional software, Facebook integrates directly with the Microsoft Store. Simply search for "Facebook" in the Store, click "Get," and it'll be installed on your system.

Is Facebook App compatible with my system?

Yes, likely! Facebook offers dedicated versions for both 64-bit and ARM64 systems, ensuring optimal performance on most modern hardware.

Can I install Facebook without an internet connection?

No. Currently, Facebook relies on the Microsoft Store, which requires an internet connection for initial setup. However, once installed, limited offline functionality lets you review saved content.

Does Facebook for Windows integrate with Facebook Messenger?

Yes, seamlessly! You can easily switch between Facebook chat within the app and the dedicated Messenger app if installed.

Does Facebook for PC receive updates?

Similar to apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, Facebook for Windows PC automatically receives updates to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes.

Is Facebook for PC completely free to use?

Yes! Just like the web version, Facebook for Windows PC is entirely free to download and use.

Verdict: Niche Appeal

Facebook for Windows PC caters to a specific audience. If you crave a distraction-free Facebook experience on your desktop and prioritize a familiar interface, this app might be a good fit. However, for those who rely heavily on features like Marketplace or Watch Party, or simply prefer the flexibility of a browser, the web version remains the superior choice.

For those comfortable with the Microsoft Store ecosystem, Facebook for Windows PC offers a refreshingly simple installation process. The availability of 64-bit and ARM64 versions ensures compatibility across modern hardware. However, the lack of a traditional offline installer might deter users with limited internet access.

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