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Download Git (Git Bash) 64 bit for Windows 11, 10 PC. Your command line translator for talking Git on the Microsoft side.

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Enter Git Bash: a gateway that transcends the graphical interface, transporting you to the command line heart of version control. Here, for Windows users, lies the key to wielding the full might of Git, the version control system that underpins countless development projects.

Buckle up, for this review delves into the world of Git Bash, exploring its functionalities and unveiling the power it brings to your Windows development workflow.

Git Bash for Windows Review

Git (Git Bash) GUI Screenshot

Git Bash isn’t just a terminal window; it’s a direct line to the heart of Git. Unlike graphical Git clients, which can introduce abstractions, Git Bash provides unfiltered access to the core Git commands.

This empowers developers with fine-grained control over their version control operations, allowing them to tackle complex tasks with precision.

Key Features for Streamlined Development

Granular Version Control

Git Bash lets you perform a vast array of operations, from staging specific changes to meticulously crafting commit messages. This granular control allows for a deeper understanding of your codebase’s evolution.
Scripting Efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks with shell scripts. Bash scripting in Git Bash enables you to streamline workflows and create custom commands, boosting your development efficiency.

Advanced Branch Management

Navigate complex branching strategies with ease. Git Bash provides direct access to advanced Git commands for branching, merging, and rebasing, empowering you to maintain intricate codebase structures.

Platform Independence

Familiarity with Git Bash translates well to other operating systems. The core Git commands remain consistent across platforms, making it easier to transition between Windows, macOS, and Linux environments.

  • Unfiltered Git: Access core commands for precise control over your codebase.
  • Granular Staging: Stage specific changes and craft detailed commit messages.
  • Bash Scripting: Automate tasks and create custom commands for efficiency.
  • Advanced Branching: Master complex branching strategies with ease.
  • Platform Agnostic: Learn Git Bash, conquer version control across all systems.

Beyond the Basics

While Git Bash might seem intimidating at first, its power is undeniable. A plethora of online resources and tutorials cater to all experience levels. With some dedication, developers can unlock the efficiency and flexibility of the command line, transforming Git Bash into a valuable asset for their development toolbox.

How to Install Git or Git Bash on Windows PC

Use these steps to install Git Bash in Windows platform.

If you’re working on a machine running Windows, you’ll have to install and set up Git Bash. You’ll be using this to remotely access the instances you create in the hands-on labs.

a- Click on the above Green Download Button and download the Git Bash setup file.

b- Run the installer.

Run Git the installer

c- Follow the interface instructions and select the default components.

default Git components

d- Select the Use Git from Git Bash only option (or as per your needs) and click Next.

Git Options

e- Select the Use OpenSSH option and click Next.

OpenSSH option

f- Configure other options as needed. Defaults are safe for now. Proceed to installation.

Proceed to Git installation

g- Finally, Select Launch Git Bash and click Finish.

Launch Git Bash

System Requirements

Git itself has modest requirements and can run on a wide range of Windows systems. Here’s a breakdown:

Operating System

  • Officially supported versions: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later.
  • Not supported anymore: Windows Vista, Server 2008, XP, and Server 2003 (due to end of life and compatibility issues).


  • No strict minimum requirements, but for smooth operation:
    • RAM: At least 1 GB, ideally 2 GB or more.
    • Disk Space: Minimum 50 MB for Git installation, additional space for repositories.

Additional Notes

  • Git Bash comes bundled with the Git for Windows installer.
  • Git Bash relies on an emulation layer (MSYS2) that requires Windows 7 SP1 or newer for proper functionality.

Pros & Cons


  • Power User Control: Unleash full Git functionality.
  • Scripting Efficiency: Automate tasks, boost workflow.


  • Command Line Learning Curve: Steep for GUI-accustomed users.
  • Error Prone: Typos can lead to messy version control situations.

More Details

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What is Git Bash?

Git Bash is a command line interface for Git on Windows, offering direct access to its core functionality.

Does Git Bash work on all versions of Windows?

Officially supported on Windows 7 SP1 and later (not Vista, XP, etc.)

Is Git Bash free?

Absolutely! Git for Windows, which includes Git Bash, is free and open-source software.

Do I need to configure Git Bash after installation?

Optional! You can customize settings like your username and email for Git commits.

Is there a graphical alternative to Git Bash?

Yes, many Git clients offer a user-friendly interface. However, Git Bash provides direct access to core commands.

Conclusion: Power & Paradox

Git Bash on Windows equips developers with a powerful command-line interface for wielding the full might of Git. It offers granular control, scripting potential, and platform independence – a boon for power users. However, the learning curve for newcomers and the absence of a graphical interface can be hurdles.

Ultimately, Git Bash shines for developers seeking to elevate their version control mastery. If you’re willing to invest the time, Git Bash unlocks a powerful toolset that can transform your Windows development workflow.

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