Best Video Players for Windows 11 2024

Conquer the Video Maze: Find Your Perfect Windows 11 Player Now!

Lost in a sea of video players for Windows 11? ‍ Fear not, cinephiles! This guide unveils the top contenders, from free powerhouses like VLC to feature-packed premiums like PowerDVD. Discover:

  • Strengths & considerations of popular players.
  • Free vs. Paid: Which option is right for you?
  • Specialized solutions: Music lovers, rejoice!
  • FAQs answered: Unravel common player mysteries. ❓✅
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1. PotPlayer

PotPlayer Icon

Get unparalleled video playback and experience with this best video and audio player. Read PotPlayer full review

By: Daum


  • Plays almost any format without extra codecs
  • Smooth playback with hardware acceleration
  • Highly customizable interface and settings
  • Granular control over playback
  • Advanced features like IPTV and VR support


  • Korean interface (English available)
  • Extensive options can be overwhelming
  • Only available for Windows
  • Limited official support (mainly Korean)
  • Security risks from unofficial downloads

2. VLC media player

VLC media player icon

Popular and easy to use multimedia player with support of most video and audio formats. Read VLC media player full review


3. Media Player Classic – BE

Media Player Classic BE Icon

Your Lightweight Yet Powerful audio and video player for Windows 11, based on media player classic. Read Media Player Classic – BE full review



  • Effortless playback: Handles popular formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, and audio files like MP3, FLAC.
  • Light on its feet: Runs smoothly even on older computers.
  • Tailor-made: Customize the interface and hotkeys to fit your needs. ️
  • Power under the hood: Advanced playback controls and filters for fine-tuning. ️
  • Open-source goodness: Free, secure, and backed by a dedicated community.


  • Not the simplest: Can be overwhelming for beginners with its advanced options.
  • Focus on playback: Lacks features like built-in streaming or online libraries. ❌
  • DIY spirit: Requires some technical knowledge for advanced tweaks.
  • No official support: Relies on community forums and online resources for help.
  • Not specifically designed for modern codecs

4. PowerDVD

PowerDVD Icon

A media player that handles DVDs, Blu-rays, digital video, photos, and music. Read PowerDVD full review


5. Kodi

Kodi Icon

A free, customizable media hub that lets you organize and enjoy your personal collection of movies, TV shows, and more on your big screen. Read Kodi full review


All Video Players

Ultimately, the best video player depends on your individual needs and priorities. Consider factors like:

  • File format support: Ensure the player handles your preferred video and audio codecs.
  • Interface and usability: Opt for a layout that feels intuitive and visually appealing.
  • Advanced features: Decide if you need extras like DVD playback, subtitle support, or streaming capabilities.
  • Budget: Free options abound, but premium players often offer more bells and whistles.

The Verdict: Your Personalized Pick for Windows 11 Video Bliss

While five contenders have graced this arena, the title of “best” player for Windows 11 remains unwritten. The crown rests upon your unique viewing habits! Each option shines in its own way:

  • VLC: The free-for-all champion, tackling any format you throw at it.
  • PotPlayer: The customizable maestro, offering sleek visuals and advanced control.
  • Kodi: The media maestro, organizing your library and unlocking streaming possibilities.

Remember, choosing your champion isn’t a one-size-fits-all game. Consider your priorities:

  • File format versatility: Does the player handle your preferred codecs?
  • Interface and usability: Will you navigate it with ease and enjoyment?
  • Advanced features: Do you need DVD playback, subtitle finesse, or streaming integration?
  • Budget: Can you splurge on premium features, or does free suffice?

Armed with this knowledge, step into the arena and choose your champion! May your Windows 11 viewing experience be seamless, immersive, and perfectly personalized. Happy watching!