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Download Quick Heal Total Security 64 bit for Windows 11, 10 PC. An all-in-one defender and a comprehensive suite fortifying your PC's defenses.

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Imagine your digital life as a medieval castle. Phishing emails are battering rams, malware lurks in the shadows, and ransomware threatens to lock you out entirely.

Enter Quick Heal Total Security: a well-armed knight, a watchful guard, and a cunning strategist, all rolled into one comprehensive suite fortifying your Windows PC’s defenses.

Quick Heal Total Security Review

Quick Heal Total Security steps up to the plate, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to safeguard your Windows PC against a barrage of online threats.

Let’s delve into this digital defender and see if it can keep your online kingdom safe from modern-day invaders.

Multi-Layered Protection

Quick Heal goes beyond basic antivirus, employing real-time scanning to thwart malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts. Its layered approach ensures even zero-day threats are identified and neutralized before they can wreak havoc.

Banking and Browsing Guardian

For the security-conscious online shopper, Quick Heal provides a secure environment for online banking and financial transactions. Its browser protection shields you from malicious websites and redirects, ensuring your financial information remains confidential.

Parental Peace of Mind

For families with young digital explorers, Quick Heal’s parental control features offer invaluable peace of mind. You can manage screen time, restrict access to inappropriate content, and monitor online activity, fostering a safe digital environment for your children.

Privacy and Performance in Harmony

Quick Heal understands the importance of a smooth-running system. Its software is designed to be lightweight and efficient, minimizing impact on your PC’s performance. Additionally, features like data encryption and secure file vaults help safeguard your sensitive information.

Beyond the Basics

Quick Heal doesn’t stop at malware protection. It includes a built-in firewall to shield your network from unauthorized access, as well as vulnerability scanning to identify and patch weaknesses in your system. These additional features offer a holistic approach to digital security.

Key Features

  • Ransomware Protection: Safeguards your important data against critical ransomware attacks in real time using Behavior Detection Technology.
  • Safe Banking: Protects your online banking activities from fraudulent websites and malicious programs.
  • Webcam Protection: Blocks spying agents and apps from accessing your webcam, ensuring your privacy.
  • Email Protection: Efficiently blocks emails carrying infected attachments or links to compromised websites.
  • Secure External Drive Data: Prevents unauthorized copying of data to USB drives, enhancing data security.
  • Smart Parenting: Allows parents to manage internet browsing, application access, and device usage for children.
  • Automatic Backup: Provides an additional layer of protection by supporting automatic smart backup against ransomware attacks.

Pros & Cons


  • Multi-layered defense
  • Secure banking & browsing
  • Parental controls
  • Lightweight & efficient
  • Data encryption & vaults


  • Lower malware protection scores than some competitors
  • Multi-device licensing may not be as extensive as others

More Details

App NameQuick Heal Total Security
Operating System Windows 11 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
CategoryAntivirus Software
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LicenseFree Trial
VersionLatest Version
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Updated onApril 24, 2024
PublisherQuick Heal
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The Verdict

Quick Heal Total Security is a compelling option for Windows users seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly security solution. Its layered protection, robust features, and focus on performance make it a strong contender in the cybersecurity arena.

While some users might prefer a more customizable interface, Quick Heal’s ease of use makes it a great choice for both novice and experienced PC users alike.

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