Development Software

  • Git BASH Icon
    Latest Developer Tools   Freeware
    Git for Windows provides a BASH emulation used to run Git from the command line.
  • Wakanda Icon
    Latest IDE & Studios   Freeware
    Code and run Web & Mobile Apps, Full-Stack JavaScript Platform from code to go live!
  • Visual Studio Code Icon
    Latest Editor   Freeware
    Lightweight and powerful code editor redefined and optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications.
  • VisualSVN Icon
    Latest Developer Tools   Freeware
    Professional grade Subversion integration plug-in for Visual Studio.
  • Python Icon
    Latest Programming Languages   Freeware
    A popular programming language used by tons of reputed companies.
  • Unreal Engine Icon
    Latest Version IDE & Studios   Freeware
    Suite of integrated tools for game developers to design and build games, simulations, and visualizations.
  • MySQL Workbench Icon
    Latest Databases   Freeware
    A unified visual tool for database architects, developers, and DBAs.
  • Kodu Icon
    Latest Developer Tools   Freeware
    Create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language.
  • PuTTYgen Icon
    Latest SSH Connect   Freeware
    Key generator which generates pairs of public and private keys to be used with PuTTY, PSCP, and Plink, as well as the PuTTY authentication agent, Pageant.
  • Node.js Icon
    Latest Developer Tools   Freeware
    JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.
  • APK Easy Tool Icon
    Latest Developer Tools   Freeware
    Manage, sign, compile and decompile the APK files for the apps you are working on.
  • PureBasic Icon
    Latest Programming Languages   Free Trial
    Native 32-bit and 64-bit programming language based on established BASIC rules.
  • curl Icon
    Latest Developer Tools   Freeware
    Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs.
  • Samsung USB Driver Icon
    Latest Developer Tools   Freeware
    Connect a Samsung android device to your development environment over USB.
  • XAMPP Icon
    Latest Web Servers   Freeware
    The most popular PHP, Apache, Perl and MariaDB (MySQL) development environment.
  • PSPad Icon
    Latest Editor   Freeware
    A freeware programmer's editor for Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Turbo C++ Icon
    Latest Developer Tools   Freeware
    Turbo C++ for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 (32-64 bit) with full/window screen mode and many more extra feature.
  • DBeaver Icon
    Latest Developer Tools   Freeware
    Free and open source universal database tool for developers and database administrators.
  • Notepad++ Icon
    Latest Editor   Freeware
    Text editor with several programming languages support and syntax highlighting.
  • DbSchema Icon
    Latest Databases   Free Trial
    Complete solution for managing SQL and No-SQL databases using visual design, data and query tools, documentation and reports.